Immersive Adventures

Students from the MA Digital Direction programme in the School of Communication present their 2020 Work in Progress Show.

From the deep ocean and the non-human to a fictional institution, an online club and the language of business, these projects ask us to question the future of digital storytelling.

Working in teams students have produced prototype immersive environments and platforms, using critical, speculative and fictional forms of design to explore the future effects of interactive time-based media on human communication, behaviour and experience.

Infinity vs The Company

What if digital time was an alternate currency? As an alternate reality game, our project invites the audience to explore the implications of this new world via a variety of digital artifacts and purpose built websites. This transmedia experience aims to magnify and speculate the systems of privilege and oppression manifested in our daily lives.

Ayza Akhtar, Atlanta De Guzma, Luis Baez, Smriti Anund, Zijie Qu

Please join us for an online feedback session June 27, 2020 at 5pm BST HERE

                    The Dog

This project explores the relationship between people and dogs during COVID-19 through a VR film. The intention being to call on dog owners and others to reflect on their treatment of dogs and to think about what rumours about their spread of Covid-19 tell us about our relationship with the canine world. VIDEO HERE

Chunling, Wu. Qimin, S, Dai. Tingyu, Li. Xinyi, Li. Yanbing, Jia.


Have you ever thought of what your ideal art school could be?
Let’s collectively write the story of the school of the future. We called it: M.D.U.S.A.

[Multi-Dimension Universal School of Art] and we’re inviting you to add your voice to the story

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Qize Zhu, Riya Patel, Vlad Molico, Ankur Guha, Anne-Sophie Gauvin

                   Sunken Glory


Midst Song Dynasty, people live in prosperity, businesses are thriving. Karaya in Quanzhou is decorating the city with its bold red blossom. The harbor is crowded with people from around the world. Our story starts from Quanzhou, a beautiful and historical city. A voyage set off from here, but ended in void, leaving priceless treasure to offspring. Let’s begin the story with a peak at the bottom of the mysterious ocean.....


Shuang Zhou, Danni Yang, Yilin Lu, Yuou Bai, Yiqing Chi, Jin Wei

Dialect Support: Weiyang Wu