The Non-Existence of Ace I Ri

This year we were given new email addresses in which our names were substituted for our student numbers - 250490, 238678, 251367. Numerical identities that have become enmeshed in a network of communication systems, platforms and computational processes framing our experience of education during the pandemic. Our project looks directly at the relationships between our identities and the digital systems, algorithms and forms of automation that permeate higher education today. Through creating Ace I Ri, the first AI student of the RCA, we aim to question the normalisation of machine learning in education, to explore the forms of mediation and control that are embedded in the platforms that are used to support human learning, and to critique the injustices and prejudices of systems that are designed to determine rights to education. Through our context of studying at the RCA, we hope to explore the relationship between representation, identity and discrimination in education due to the use of AI.

Chat with the Beta version of Ace I Ri [link]

On Thursday 17 June we will introduce our project further, explaining our reflections on ‘falling into the trap’ when working with AI and host a discussion going over some of the questions that arise when thinking about the discrimination in education using AI. For further details please visit the Immersive Adventures events page.

Please join us via this [link]

❊ And please bear in mind that this session will be recorded for research purposes of this project only ❊